The cryptocurrency market continues to offer some of the biggest potential profits for blockchain technology investors. This is especially true considering the upcoming developments in the field, such as the Bitcoin halving in April 2020. The event is expected to break the coin’s all-time high value of $20,000.

With such a meteoric rise expected for Bitcoin and other currencies, it is an excellent idea to start investing as early as possible. These four cryptocurrency options are some of the strongest bets on blockchain investment.

Top 4 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

The blockchain technology space is saturated with digital coins vying for investor and consumer attention, but not all of them is a winning choice. Four cryptocurrencies, however, continue to stand out as the best options in this highly competitive market.

1. Bitcoin

The first and most prominent cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is ideal for investors who prefer small, long-term ROI and a safer approach to investing in digital coins.

2. Ethereum

Considered as one of Bitcoin’s toughest competitors, Ethereum is based on the acclaimed dApp processing platform. It offers more stable prices compared to other coins.

3. Litecoin

Litecoin has incredible market potential. Its technical preconditions set the cryptocurrency as a future global transaction network.

4. NEO

The most affordable option on this list, NEO’s price does not indicate its potential explosive future growth. Cryptocurrency news sites have noted that the Chinese government has expressed intentions to support NEO. With such a huge economy backing this coin, it will not be long before it rises to the top of the cryptocurrency industry.

Top Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

With so much news circulating the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, some individuals might inevitably hesitate investing their hard-earned cash in coins and blockchain technology companies. Below are unique advantages that show why investing in cryptocurrency is an excellent financial move:

  • Manage investments with ease. Cryptocurrency investment allows individuals to trade digital coins whenever, wherever, and however they want. This gives them complete control of their investment approach.
  • Benefit from cutting-edge security. Digital coins operate on the blockchain, which is completely hack-proof.
  • Enjoy lower fees. Compared to traditional exchanges, blockchain investors typically pay less for cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Diversify portfolio with ease. Invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology start-ups and ICOS.
  • Experience quick and efficient transactions. Optimise time with cryptocurrency’s instantaneous transaction speeds.

On top of these, cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance. Governments, global corporations, banks, and businesses are starting to incorporate the blockchain and digital coins into their operation. This means that cryptocurrency is here to stay, making it a viable investment for years to come.

Start Investing in the Blockchain with Key Coin Assets

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