The stock market has never been the same since Bitcoin’s emergence in 2009. The cryptocurrency affected stock market prices and pushed investors to choose between putting their money in traditional or digital assets. Few can afford to invest in both. Top digital asset blockchain experts reveal which is more profitable given today’s cutthroat investment industry.

Bitcoin Beats Stocks on Return on Investment (ROI)

The numbers do not lie: Bitcoin is faring better than stock markets in 2020. According to the data gathered by Buy Shares, an investor website, Bitcoin’s ROI from June 2015 to June 2020 was more than 70 times higher than five traditional stock markets. The stock markets involved were Dow Jones, FTSE 100, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, S&P 500.

Bitcoin’s ROI stood at 3,456.98% during the five years under the review. FTSE 100 was at -6.69%, NIKKEI was at 11.94%, Dow Jones was at 42.16%, S&P 500 was at 46.23%, and NASDAQ was at 96.77%. The price of Bitcoin in June 2015 was $257.06, and it increased to $9,143.58 come June 2020.

Experts on the digital asset blockchain predict that the ROI will only continue to improve, and the data agrees.

Bitcoin Recovered Faster From the COVID-19 Emergency

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic crippled and bankrupted thousands of businesses in a matter of days. It destabilised the economy, augmented recession fears, triggered a market liquidity crisis, and caused a spike in global corporate debt.

The stock market suffered its fastest and most devastating market crash in financial history, which lasted late February to early April. It has been steadily improving since then, despite the recession.

The pandemic also had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market, but the effects are not entirely negative. Bitcoin fell in March but was quick to recover to its pre-crash performance. Then, experts on what is blockchain found that the crash opened a lot of opportunities for cryptocurrency companies.

Many businesses and agencies adopted the cryptocurrency and the technology behind it to empower their operations during the pandemic. This, in turn, heightened Bitcoin’s use and reception.

Bitcoin Has Been Experiencing Widespread Adoption

Widespread cryptocurrency adoption is not just a result of the COVID-19 crisis. It has been happening since before the pandemic.

Bitcoin is legal in the European Union, US, Canada, Australia, and Finland. Switzerland entered the fray as a crypto nation recently. Many businesses and organisations in these countries have integrated the cryptocurrency into their operations. Note that no less than 150 countries around the world also currently have a notable crypto presence.

Experts on digital asset management solution predict that once the pandemic has ended, more companies will certainly adopt the cryptocurrency.

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