Cryptocurrency websites always go on about the metrics that people can use to empower their ventures. Some of these data points, such as market caps and circulating supply, are often cited in crypto news. Others, like fully diluted valuation (FDV), seldom come up in general discussions. However, that does not make them any less useful.

To help investors build up their crypto know-how, experts discuss some of the most helpful metrics below.

What Does “Supply” Mean in Cryptocurrency?

Supply in the crypto space refers to the overall number of coins in circulation. Here is a quick rundown of the different ways it is mentioned in cryptocurrency:

    • Total Supply

      This is the number of mined coins, including the ones that are lost or no longer in circulation. In other words, it is the sum of the coins that are up in escrow and the circulation supply. Total supply can rise and fall depending on various factors, such as coin burns.


    • Max Supply

      This is the number of coins that can be in circulation. Also known as fixed supply, the max supply includes the coins that will become available in the future.


    • Circulating Supply

      This is the number of coins in circulation. More specifically, it is the number of coins that the public can access. Investors can use the circulation supply of a crypto to determine its market cap. The formula involves multiplying the number of circulating coins with the market price of the coin.


Blockchain companies report that these supplies have a huge impact on a cryptocurrency’s true value. So it pays to consider them when developing investment strategies.

What Is Fully Diluted Valuation in the Crypto Space?

Fully diluted valuation is a way to compute a project’s future market cap. In short, it helps investors determine how profitable a venture is. Experts calculate FDV by multiplying a token’s maximum supply with the token’s market price.

The FDV offers useful insights for ventures, but it has limits. For instance, it does not account for the potential decrease of a token’s price in relation to an increase in the circulating supply. It assumes that any additional supply will not affect the token’s market price. Investors looking to use FDV to further their investments would do well to keep this in mind.

Take note that supply and FDV are only two of the metrics that people should consider before buying crypto. Moreover, the details discussed above are only the basics of each data point. Investors can browse other cryptocurrency websites for more information about them. But it is highly likely that they will also only get the bare-bones versions of each metric.

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