The market caps of top digital currencies often come up in cryptocurrency news. And with good reason. Short for market capitalisation, it helps people determine a crypto’s market value. The market cap also helps people establish if a digital currency is safe to buy and identify its growth potential.

Investors can buy crypto coins without checking out their market cap, but experts do not recommend it. After all, some of the data that it can provide can be the key to preventing drastic losses.

Top Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Investors who are looking to guarantee their ventures’ success can go the extra mile. They can research the market cap of top cryptos, not just the one that they are investing in. So they will get a better picture of their playing field, which will help them make better decisions in the long run.

For comparison, here are the market caps of the most popular digital currencies as of this writing:


Cryptocurrency Circulating Supply Market Cap
Bitcoin (BTC) 18,781,825 BTC $851,938,229,561
Ethereum (ETH) 117,046,505 ETH $364,821,956,698
Tether (USDT) 62,556,234,131 USDT $62,575,979,743
Binance Coin (BNB) 168,137,036 BNB $59,545,590,546
Cardano (ADA) 32,096,734,244 ADA $49,859,555,241
XRP 46,417,606,117 XRP $37,479,106,041
Dogecoin (DOGE) 130,799,611,236 DOGE $32,911,750,095
USD Coin (USDC) 27,926,744,488 USDC $27,924,403,738
Polkadot (DOT) 982,675,174 DOT $20,056,981,704
Uniswap (UNI) 587,407,504 UNI $17,159,120,644

Why Investors Should Also Compare Crypto and Fiat Currencies

In 2018, an expert predicted that digital currencies will replace 25% of fiat assets by 2030. And there are signs that the forecast can come true.

For instance, many companies have started adding crypto to their operations. Crypto market news shows that most now accept cryptocurrency payments. Meanwhile, others use blockchain to enhance their business.

Additionally, Bitcoin is more than just a payment option in some countries. In 2020, it powered a protest in Nigeria. The government kept protestors from accessing local payment platforms to collect donations. The activists overcame this obstacle by accepting Bitcoin contributions.

The uncertainty around the Nigerian naira made Bitcoin even more appealing to the people. As a result, the crypto became one of the top currencies in Nigeria despite crackdowns.

This monumental event shows the close connection between crypto and fiat currency. So it would be an oversight to completely disregard one for the other.

Bitcoin vs. the Biggest Traditional Currencies Worldwide

As of this writing, Bitcoin’s market cap is $851,938,229,561. Here are the market caps of the largest fiat currencies around the world based on blockchain market news:


Currency Price Circulating Supply Market Cap
Chinese Yuan (CNY) 337 sats 231,780,000,000,000 CNY 782,422,709 BTC
United States Dollar (USD) 2,188 sats 20,709,367,701,000 USD 453,177,376 BTC
Euro (EUR) 2,566 sats 13,972,924,000,000 EUR 358,549,503 BTC
Japanese Yen (JPY) 19 sats 1,512,568,000,000,000 JPY 299,525,785 BTC
Pounding Sterling (GBP) 3,033 sats 3,373,025,000,000 GBP 102,304,240 BTC
Southern Korean Won (KRW) 1 sats 4,667,130,000,000,000 KRW 88,724,183 BTC
Indian Rupee (INR) 29 sats 193,119,000,000,000 INR 56,765,952 BTC
Canadian Dollar (CAD) 1,740 sats 2,989,239,000,000 CAD 52,023,423 BTC
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 281 sats 16,270,817,000,000 HKD 45,746,821 BTC
New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) 78 sats 51,857,579,000,000 TWD 40,763,149 BTC


Unlike crypto market caps, fiat currency market caps seldom go through massive changes in a few hours. But that does not mean that investors can afford to check them only when they want. At least, if they do not want their ventures derailed by sudden developments.

Stay on Top of Crypto Market Cap News With Key Coin Assets

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