With Bitcoin prices continuing to skyrocket, cryptocurrency websites and experts are predicting a massive bull market for Bitcoin.

This opens up a small window of opportunity for new and seasoned investors alike, one that’s not going to last for very long— which means if you want to hit massive profits in crypto, now is the time to invest.

Learn more about bull markets and its influence on your investment strategy below.

What’s a Bitcoin bull market?

A Bitcoin bull market is when its price rises rapidly, usually due to the bullish news surrounding Bitcoin. As BTC is becoming increasingly popular and desired as a way of making payments, as well as an investment instrument, Bitcoin prices are rising too with higher demand.

Bull markets are often short-lived, sometimes lasting only a few hours or days. However, they are often followed by long periods of consolidation, which is when the price fluctuates between small gains and losses before continuing its upwards trajectory.

When do bull markets start?

Similar to bear markets, there isn’t usually one specific event that triggers a bull market. However, there are several possible explanations as to why Bitcoin’s price is rising rapidly, including:

New investors entering the cryptocurrency market due to rising prices, and now seeing it as a golden opportunity to buy in.

Newly-released cryptocurrency news, such as the wildly successful launch of the world’s first Bitcoin ETF

Ongoing positive news about cryptocurrency, such as European countries legally recognising BTC, Facebook planning to integrate blockchain technology into their platform, or PayPal welcoming crypto transactions.

How to make the most of a bull market

As with any form of investment in the blockchain market, it’s important to tread carefully in order to maximise your potential returns. The following are useful tips on how to invest in cryptocurrency during a bull market:

  • Make sure you’re prepared.

    Having some funds available is essential for when you want to buy BTC in a bull market, and it might be necessary to sell some coins in order to free up funds.

  • Check the news.

    Regularly check cryptocurrency websites and newspapers for any news stories about major developments regarding blockchain technology or Bitcoin adoption. This could give you an indication that the price is set to rise soon after, which could provide enough time for you to buy coins.

  • Keep your coins safe.

    The rise of BTC’s price usually means that its value will increase, but it can also mean there are more scammers around looking to hack cryptocurrency wallets. Make sure yours is properly protected with a strong password or 2FA enabled.

  • Don’t panic-sell at a loss.

    Don’t just sell your BTC straight away when the price begins to drop. It’s likely to bounce back up again if the bull market isn’t over yet, so try to ride out any dips in price by holding onto your coins for a little longer.

  • Ride the wave.

    Once you’ve entered into Bull Run territory, keep checking the news and your portfolio to monitor the rises and falls in price, selling off a little when necessary.

    Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, but there are many other cryptocurrencies that you can invest in during a bull market. The best time to buy different cryptocurrencies is not necessarily at the same time as BTC – for example, Ethereum has shown some incredible growth recently. Check the news and see which cryptocurrency you should invest in next!

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