You’re ready to start investing, but you’re not sure where you should commit your hard-earned money to. Many novice investors automatically turn to traditional assets like stocks and bonds. But if you want to make a real profit— more than you’ve ever dreamed of— you should consider investing in the blockchain and digital asset management instead.

What Are Traditional Assets?

The first step towards making wise investment decisions is to know your options. Traditional assets include:

  • Stocks — securities or shares that company owners have. There are several types of stocks. For example, value, dividend, domestic, and foreign.
  • Bonds — investors loan large amounts of money. The borrowers pay back the loan with fixed interest rates. Because these are large debts, borrowers are usually corporations or government entities.
  • Cash and cash equivalents — the most liquid among all assets since it entails actual cash. A good example is a savings account. Cash equivalents can be easily converted to cash like Treasury bills.
  • Real estate — commercial and residential properties. This covers the land and any structure attached to it.

What Are Digital Assets?

Digital assets are anything that exists as binary data. In terms of investment, these mean:

  • Cryptocurrencies — digital cash like Bitcoin.
  • Utility tokens — similar to a digital voucher like the ERC20 Ethereum standard. A buyer can redeem it in exchange for a product or service in the future.
  • Security tokens — The digital equivalent of stocks and shares.

Why the Blockchain is a Better Investment than Traditional Assets

Digital assets are changing industries and global markets in many ways. Many call this the digital asset revolution, which includes the rise of investments in blockchain technology companies. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Higher returns

    Blockchain is a volatile market. For the stock market, this would mean adverse effects for investors. Blockchain is different, though. The volatility of the market means better and higher returns for investors.

    It’s not just the stock market that has lower returns. Savings accounts of at least £1,000 earn about 0.25% or less each year. Meanwhile, a 40% ROI is possible with the blockchain and a guarantee with the right digital asset management company.

  • Intangible assets

    Since these assets are digital, investors won’t have bulky or paper valuables like bonds or cash. So, you won’t need storage for your investment. This lowers your security risks and costs.

  • Compatible with new technologies

    Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) are intertwined with blockchain technology. It helps develop products at less cost and faster speed. These products are the technologies of tomorrow, making the blockchain and digital asset management one of the best investments you can make for your future.

Start Investing in the Blockchain with Key Coin Assets

Knowing where to invest your money is difficult, especially when you have little experience in the matter. You can read all the cryptocurrency news you want. Still, there’s nothing like expert guidance to help you develop a sound investment strategy at the end of the day.

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