When people hear the term “blockchain”, the first thing that comes to mind is cryptocurrency. However, there are far more ways to invest and earn with blockchain technology companies than just buying cryptocurrency. Before delving deeper into this topic, it is important to understand what is blockhain and why it is making waves in various industries.

What is Blockchain?

Simply put, blockchain is composed of a series of time-stamped and irreversible records of data. This data is managed by computer clusters that are owned by different entities. Each block of data is “chained” to each other through cryptographic principles. Blockchain offers a democratized system since the network has no central authority. The information is immutable and available for anyone to view. Blockchain’s decentralized nature creates transparency and accountability across a peer-to-peer network. With greater transparency coupled with enhanced security and traceability, it offers different industries with new opportunities.

Ways to Earn with Blockchain Technology

Aside from buying cryptocurrency, investors can put their money in companies that are engaged in different blockchain aspects. Here are some examples of how you can earn from blockchain technology companies.

• Cryptocurrencies and tokensInvestors often buy, hold, or trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as well as various tokens. For traders, trading bots can be employed to automatically buy and sell using strategies to maximize profitability. Traders also take advantage of price discrepancies between coins listed on multiple exchanges and make a profit.

Buying and holding holding onto cryptocurrency for long periods rather than trading is also a viable strategy. This is referred to as “HODLing” or “hold on for dear life”. The term HODLing started as a typo in the Bitcoin talk forum but it stuck and is now used to refer to this long term strategy.

• Mining enablers and infrastructureBlockchain news often mention applications of blockchain technology on other industries. As such, it is wise to invest in companies that manufacture cryptocurrency mining equipment. There are also firms that supply technological tools and resources for blockchain application development.

You can also choose to invest in companies that build cryptocurrency payment solutions. These companies are expected to be profitable with the increased popularity of cryptocurrency.

• Blockchain-as-a-serviceBlockchain-as-a-service or BaaS providers make blockchain implementation simpler for organizations whose core competencies are in fields other than IT. With the integration of blockchain to other industries, companies will want to avail of these services.

BaaS providers take charge of setting up and managing blockchain technology and infrastructure for a client. This will help non-IT specializing organizations to focus on their core competencies without worrying about the development space. Instead of setting up and managing their own blockchain technology which can take a lot of time and resources, the client will just have to pay for the services of a BaaS provider.

Begin Your Journey to Greater Wealth with Key Coin Assets

At Key Coin Assets, we make sure that investors get maximum returns on ledger dealings. We continue to invest in amazing projects. Some of our most profitable investments include:

    • IgnisIgnis’ Coin Exchange feature allows trading of all child chain tokens on the Ardor platform to each other and to their parent chain Ardor token. Key Coin Assets started with a few hundred dollars which was later valued at a few hundred thousand.
    • Solve.CareSolve.Care is a global healthcare blockchain technology company. It seeks to redefine care coordination, benefit administration, and payments for all stakeholders while empowering consumers and reducing healthcare costs. We have seen 54x growth within twelve months of investing in this company.
    • BZX NetworkBZX is a decentralized margin lending protocol and liquidation oracle marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. This, by far, is Key Coin Asset’s most impressive coin since 2018 with ROI reaching as high as 60,000%.

Key Coin Assets stays on top of the latest developments in digital asset management. Ensure that your investments are secure and performing at their best. Begin your journey to greater wealth with Key Coin Assets.