Today, more than ever, it’s critical to explore other investments apart from traditional instruments. Global markets have gone sideways because of the COVID-19 pandemic, upending financial and economic institutions. If you’re searching for alternatives to grow your money, consider investing in blockchain companies with us here at Key Coin Assets.

Blockchain Investments vs. Traditional Investments

With over 37 ICO investments in 37 countries, Key Coin Assets has the first-hand experience with the massive ROI of blockchain markets. But if you’re not familiar with the crypto space, you may not be aware of just how much they outperform traditional investments. Here’s a close look:

  • Greater ROI than Gold

Gold is one of the most stable traditional investments, but the ROI is less than spectacular. You can expect an 11% annual return on average, or even less.

  • Greater ROI than the S&P

At a 9% return in the last 90 years, you’ll be hard-pressed to generate wealth by simply investing in the S&P. That 9% equals 1% ROI every decade.

  • Greater ROI than Real Estate

Planning on buying property to bring in money? Rethink your investment and consider blockchain companies instead. You’ll be fortunate to bring home a 10% ROI in real estate, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Not to mention all the documents, red tape, and improvements and repairs you have to struggle with before you can even sell a property.

  • Greater ROI than Banks

How much ROI do you think you can make if you keep your money in the bank? 20%? 10%? 5%? Unfortunately, you’re looking at around a 0.1% interest rate in the UK and a similar story in other countries.

Now, what if we told you we can help you generate 40% ROI, greater than anything you can get with traditional investments?

And what if we told you that’s possible without any work on your part? No dealing with real estate agents and buyers, bankers, investors, and anyone else who will make more money than you do when you invest with them.

With Key Coin Assets, you’re free to spend time on things that matter while we work on giving you tremendous ROI, the likes of which are simply not possible with traditional investments.

Discover Wealth Beyond Your Imagination

No other traditional investment tool or institution on earth can give you the 40% ROI guarantee we routinely deliver here at Key Coin Assets.

The reason is simple – we don’t invest in what’s traditional. Our investments are in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, home of mind-blowing figures such as 100, 000 ROI to over 1, 000, 000 ROI! Ready to generate the level of wealth you never thought possible? Contact us NOW at 843-886-9547 to start investing in yourself!