The blockchain market operates at lightning speed, and it represents a tremendous opportunity to those who are willing to put in the time to understand how it works.

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    Dear Investor,

    Imagine what it would be like to achieve a 40% ROI in the next 12 months without having to work 192 Hours a month, doing what you hate, whilst spending more time with your loved ones.

    Family vacations could be a regular occurence…you could actually spend more time with your loved ones, enjoying the sun, sea and Sangria on a spectacular holiday. You would not have to work yourself to the bone for a measly wage that comes with just 28 days of holiday per year.

    You would be able to generate more money from your investment than your bank pays you. Infact a 40% ROI is more than 20X of what your bank will pay you for the same investment over 12 months. I mean seriously does that even make sense? Settling for a 2% ROI with your bank when you know you are entitled to more? How do you think your bank can afford to pay it’s top tier Management in the Millions per year whilst you get a measly 2% ROI?

    So ask yourself…are you sick and tired of ending up with the short straw? Are you fed up of getting almost nothing on your hard earned savings whilst your bank Manager earns Millions in commissions per year? Do you think they work harder than you do?

    Then stop the stress and frustration of how to grow your savings and put our proven, battle-tested strategies and tactics to work.

    Our Investment Strategies have generated in excess of £1.47m of pure profits for our clients to date.

    This is not £1.47m in profits by investing in one single opportunity. This has worked over more than 37 different investment opportunities from multiple different countries. These strategies have helped investors outperform their bank, Stock Markets, Gold and Precious metals, ISAs, SIPPs, Pension funds, Real Estate, Bonds and any investment vehicle you can mention.
    Many investors have outperformed their banks by so far, that, it would take their banks more than 20 years to catch up to the returns they have received to date. I mean seriously, just go on to and search for the last 10 Year returns for Gold. Or perhaps you like the S&P 500? Did you know that the last NINETY years returns has been 9%? Gold over the last 10 years returned 110%.

    Sounds hard to believe but it’s true. In fact, We are so confident we can help you that we are willing to help you to generate a 40% ROI in the next 12 months and we will Guarantee a FULL refund of your investment if we fail to hit our KPIs and we will do this for absolutely NOTHING.

    • No sign up Fee.
    • No performance Fee.
    • No withdrawal Fee.
    • No deposit Fee.
    • No commission Fee.

    There is No Bank, Wealth Manager, Financial Institution, in the world that will EVER offer this to you as they will have to fire all their staff and go bankrupt. Infact, go ahead and ask your local bank if they will be willing to offer you a guaranteed 40% ROI in the next 10 years (forget 12 months because that will never happen) and watch them squirm.

    See what some of our clients have said about us:
    chris ryman
    Chris Ryman
    The phrase I would use to sum up KEY COIN ASSETS is Honesty and Expertise. I have been with them from their inception and they continue to improve, how they can teach and assist their clients. Whether you have a basic or advanced level of understanding. Often you will be investing in products that they have also invested in. You can trust that they will be transparent and keep you updated on your investments and how the market is moving.
    Corina Boehmlaender
    Corina Boehmlaender
    Key Coin Assets do all the hard work for you so you can use your time for what really matters, while making money at the same time. This is what living the dream feels like and you can live it too. They are so fast at communicating, crystal clear about your investments, the potential of each one of them and they keep you in the loop along the way. A definite no brainier to trust them with your money 🙂
    Mack Adebayo
    Who is in Sales said “It’s been awesome to pick the brains of people who are very meticulous about what they do. Equally important is the honesty and integrity by which they operate.”

    We constantly turn investments into high ROI profits

    By investing in some of the best cryptocurrency projects the world has ever seen.

    Most investors get it wrong! They invest in projects for some of the worst reasons and typically do not have the time to research these opportunities. We are driven by a healthy ROI for our investors and so we put in hours of research to ensure the correct projects are invested in.

    Why Choose Key Coin Assets?

    At Key Coin Assets, firstly we do this Full time and have done so since 2017. We know the blockchain space well. We understand the technology and it’s capabilities and we have been on both sides of the fence as investors and traders.

    We understand where investors have gone wrong by choosing to invest in projects that in some cases do not even make sense. We dedicate hours to being informed in the market place and because we do this FULL TIME, we are literally your eyes and ears. No distractions. This is why we are selective with the projects we invest in. Not everything you see on the market can or will return a healthy ROI to you. As investors we also do not trade against you in the market which is what you will get from various groups known as “Pump and Dump” groups.

    Let’s not forget as well, we do not charge you any fees of any description and we Guarantee your investment will never be lost by replacing it with our own funds if we fail to hit our target. So if for any reason an investment does not go to plan, we will refund your money in full. NO DEDUCTIONS. When last did your investment adviser guarantee not to lose your money?


    The process is super simple. We will advise you of the Terms and Conditions and once you are happy, We will both sign contracts confirming everything we are going to offer you, the investment amount, the ROI, the term and all the fine details. Once this is done, we take your investment in and we get to work for you.

    Every quarter we will report back to you detailing what we have done, where we invested your funds, expectations, growth and all the relevant information.

    From this point you just need to sit back and let your investment grow. That’s it. No complicated processes or contracts, (they can be reviewed in minutes and are very straight forward).


    Here’s What To Do Next

    Like we mentioned before, this is completely FREE of any kind of fees. The ONLY thing you will ever be asked for is an honest testimonial.,

    There Is No Catch!

    We know that there, a lot of companies that will offer you something for free and then stick you with upsales.

    This Is Not One Of Them.

    Incase you are wondering why would we do this? Well we have a few reasons:

    1. It is your Birth-Right to be as wealthy as you can be and whether you choose to accept it or not your bank, investment advisers, hedge funds et al are just not giving you anything close to a fair deal.
    2. The blockchain technology is a Multi billion Dollar Industry, you should be proud to in some way be part of that especially on the “profit receiving end”.
    3. We kind of like to show off. Seriously, you cannot imagine the joy it gives us to know we helped another person get closer to financial freedom.
    4. We are entrepreneurs and have been for the last 20 years so we know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a less than fair deal. Everyone needs a break right?

    Time Is Of The Essence…

    Here’s why…

    Our company is exponentially growing. Our reach is Global, you just need to search for us on Social Media, Google, Local Business listing directories and many platforms you have not even heard of to see that we can be found everywhere. So at some point we will have to scale down the number of Investors we take on and once we get to that stage, we cannot guarantee the offer will be the same.


    This Is Truly a Limited Time Offer In Many Ways,

    So take advantage now while you can.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to working with you soon.).