As a digital asset management company, Key Coin Assets is passionate about helping people realize that having greater wealth can be a reality. The potential profit you can get from investing in the blockchain is unlike anything possible with traditional investments.

How does a 40% ROI sound? With Key Coin Assets, that level of ROI is not a possibility – it’s a guarantee.

We’ve already shared some hard data behind our 40% ROI promise before. Let’s take another look at the massive ROI we’ve hit with our previous investments:

  • 100x ROI on ICON (ICX)

We bought ICON (ICX) at $0.11 per token in a private sale last 2017. It rose to $12 per token in just three months. That’s a 100x ROI, which means that every $1,000 invested grew to $100,000 in a very short time.

  • 60, 000% ROI on BZRX Network (BZK)

In 2018, we bought BZK at $0.01 per token. BZK recently got listed on exchanges like Idex at a record-high of $6.02 per token and just slightly lower on Poloniex.

That’s a mind-blowing ROI of 60,000%. In other words, the worth of every $1000 invested in BZK skyrocketed to $602,000 in just around 24 months!

  • Tremendous ROI on Ignis

We invested a couple of hundred dollars in Ignis. At the height of our ROI, our investment became worth a few hundred thousand.

That’s just the tip of our ROI iceberg here at Key Coin Assets. We’re confident about our 40% ROI guarantee because it’s actually on the conservative side of what you can make in the blockchain and cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency Markets Dominate the Investment Landscape

On top of offering phenomenal ROI, blockchain and crypto investments easily outperform traditional ones. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • More ROI than Banks

The interest rate in the UK only offers you less than 1% a year on average. In other words, unless you’re already wealthy, don’t expect to get rich letting your money sit in banks.

  • More ROI than the S&P 500

According to historical records, the S&P 500 which began in 1926, roughly gives us an average annual return of 8% to 11%– if you’re lucky. Our BZK investment hit 60, 000% in 24 MONTHS.

Not only is the blockchain the ultimate digital asset management solution, but it’s also the key to building your wealth without having to wait for decades – or even your whole life – having to wait for returns. And at Key Coin Assets, we know exactly how to help you do it.

Pave the Way to a Wealthier Future with Our 40% Guaranteed ROI

No other company or investor will dare offer you a 40% guarantee, because it simply won’t happen through traditional means.

You need a digital asset management company like Key Coin Assets who’ve proven first-hand just how much returns you can get in the blockchain. We have 37 ICO investments spanning 36 countries, and we are just getting started.

We want to invite you on this journey to greater wealth! Let us take care of your investments while spend your time doing things you enjoy. We’d also love to help you learn more about the blockchain through education and the latest blockchain news. Contact us NOW at 843-886-9547 to start investing in yourself!