Apart from optimising transactions and streamlining operations, the blockchain can also make an impact on businesses marketing. Experts believe that companies will rely more on digital marketing blockchain systems for product and service exposure soon.  Discover blockchain technology’s potential to revolutionise the digital marketing industry.

7 Ways Blockchain Can Revolutionise Digital Marketing

Blockchain offers an innovative way to meet, interact with, and monitor potential clients. Since the technology is decentralised, it allows buyers to have control of their data and track how their information is used. Here are the ways it can be implemented in digital marketing:

  1. Safeguard Personal Data

Blockchain’s decentralised structure and encryption capability allow individuals to take control of their personal information. Through reinforced data storage, secured access is ensured. This enables consumers to manage and monetise their personal data as they see fit. Digital marketing agencies that utilise the blockchain to protect their client’s data are privy to information that is indeed accurate, personal, and up-to-date.

  1. Authentication and Transparency

Decentralised technology can address issues regarding supply chain transparency and ad fraud. In the past year, advertisers lost around $19 billion to fraud. Employing products from blockchain technology providers will prevent this phenomenon from occurring again. In addition, companies will be able to verify information, such as the actual source of their products, and how much workers get paid.

  1. Pinpoint Targeting

Determining who owns data and products is a critical part of marketing strategies. Once the ownership is established, marketers will be able to conduct pinpoint targeting efficiently. Pinpoint targeting with ledger technology allows marketers to examine specific locations.

  1. Simplified Ad Spend System

In the current system, profits from online ads go to several intermediaries before reaching the ad spender. Blockchain can create a trusted and verified chain from the advertiser’s ad spending to the end-user. Companies that utilised the decentralised system for their online ad spend, such as Unilever, have saved tens of millions as a result.

  1. Ownership and Security of Assets

Artists can use digital marketing through blockchain to promote their works directly. Likewise, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, and other content creators no longer have to pay intermediary services like YouTube or iTunes to gain exposure. They can also promote their works securely through ledger technology, without fear of piracy.

  1. Smart Contracts

A smart contract is the best example of using blockchain to streamline and enforce agreements. The technology can be used to keep track of terms of agreements and automate steps towards the fulfilment of these terms.

  1. Promotion of Loyalty

Blockchain can also increase demand for advertising. With the technology; the more that people interact, the more that the products will be promoted. Cryptocurrency can also encourage loyalty by being offered as a reward to regular customers.

Utilise Blockchain for Your Marketing Efforts Now!

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