Gone are the days when investing equals stock exchanges. People can now also put their money in cryptocurrencies to grow their wealth. But few have the means to invest in both stocks and crypto, and which one is more profitable depends on various factors. To help investors decide, top blockchain technology providers discuss their key differences.

Blockchain Investments Vs. Stocks

  • Asset Owned

    Stockholders own stocks offered as equity or as part of a company’s ownership. Crypto investors own digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These work as a store of value that investors can sell or hold onto. Blockchain technology companies offer services to help investors maximise these digital assets.

  • Regulation

    Federal agencies govern the stock market to ensure fair trade. On the other hand, there is no central authority in charge of crypto trading. Each digital asset runs on a decentralised blockchain platform. As a result, authority is divided among those involved in maintaining the crypto’s technology.

  • Volatility

    Both stocks and cryptocurrencies can go up and down in value, so they both have risks. If something happens to blockchain technology providers, the value of the stocks it offers may rise or fall. To keep stockholders in the loop, companies share regular updates about their status.

    Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies have a reputation for abrupt and drastic value changes. Investors can weather the shifts with little to no losses with digital asset management.

  • Market Reach

    Getting into the stock exchange takes time and effort. Not only is it governed by rules and regulations, but it also needs time to mature. Investing in cryptocurrencies is simpler. People can invest in digital assets anytime, and platforms allow for fast trading. Services like bitcoin asset management can help ensure hassle-free processes.

  • Availability

    The stock market operates from Monday through Friday, but it takes nights, weekends, and holidays off. Meanwhile, the crypto market never rests. It works 24/7, 365 days a year, so the price of digital assets may change anytime.

Stocks Vs. Blockchain Investments: Which Is Better?

Crypto and blockchain investments are generally better than stock exchanges. While stocks have been around longer, it is only a matter of time before crypto assets go mainstream.

Consider Bitcoin and how it fares compared to stocks. Not only does it beat stocks when it comes to ROI, but it also recovered from the COVID-19 crisis faster.

The stock market suffered its worst crash in history when the pandemic started. COVID-19 also had a huge impact on crypto trading, but the effects were not all negative. Many companies turned to blockchain technology to enhance their operations. This opened a lot of doors for cryptocurrency investment management agencies.

Widespread cryptocurrency adoption has been happening long before the crisis. Experts predict that more agencies will adopt crypto once the virus is gone.

Set Your Blockchain Investments Up for Success

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