As the blockchain enters the mainstream, the number of ICOs have also skyrocketed. Such stiff competition means it is not enough anymore to have an amazing product to offer. To differentiate your ICO and secure a higher chance of getting investors for your project, it is essential to strengthen your team with an experienced brand ambassador for blockchain companies.

The Difference of Having a Brand Ambassador for ICOs

Some ICOs hesitate to hire a brand ambassador given their limited funds and lack of understanding of its advantage. The truth is that not having a brand ambassador can cost you big time; it can even mean the difference between a successful launch and an ICO that never gains traction.

Here are some things that make brand ambassadors a wise investment for ICOs:

  • They make your ICO easier to understand.

ICOs, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain, in general, are still foreign concepts for many. Naturally, people who still have to ask “what is blockchain” are reluctant to invest in something they do not understand. Brand ambassadors are able to simplify the technicalities of the blockchain and promote your vision, mission, and brand promise to people who matter.

  • They humanise your ICO.

Many continue to view the blockchain as a faceless sphere of codes. Brand ambassadors can help you establish a connection with potential investors by putting a face on your brand. They can represent you in events, negotiations, marketing efforts, and other activities that require interaction.

  • They protect your reputation.

The explosion of ICO scams has put potential investors on the defensive. Brand ambassadors know how to neutralise defaming opinions and news to cement your reputation as a trustworthy start-up. They can also create initiatives to create positive associations with your brand, increasing the chances for critical mass.

  • They can widen your network.

Do you want to break into a new market? Is there a particular demographic you want to focus on? Leave the work to your brand ambassador while you focus on refining your tokens, polishing your whitepapers, and ensuring a bulletproof product.

Reputable brand ambassadors who are experienced in the SEO blockchain typically enjoy professional associations in the crypto industry and have a robust online reach they can use to your advantage.

  • They can take charge of your marketing.

Marketing is an art on its own, and few ICO teams have the skills and time to execute effective marketing campaigns. Having a brand ambassador means you do not have to worry about getting your project into the spotlight. They can help endorse your company and turn people into potential investors and customers using tried-and-tested digital marketing tools and techniques.

Key Coin Assets: The Only Brand Ambassador You Need

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