As blockchain technology continues to soar, ICOs have surfaced as an alternative and attractive means for crypto start-ups to raise funding. However, certain developments in the industry now require start-ups to be more creative in attracting investors and connecting with the community. Without a brand ambassador for blockchain companies, start-ups with a great potential run the risk of fading to obscurity.

The Issue with ICOs

The year 2017 alone saw ICOs raise more than $5 billion in funding, but thanks to increased interest from regulatory bodies and high-profile ICO scams, potential investors have now become wary of ICOs.

It is not enough anymore to create tokens, write and publish a white paper, showcase a prototype, and wait for the funding to pour in. Facebook and Google have also banned crypto-related advertising from their platforms. So what is the next step?

The goal is to regain the trust of investors and assure them that a start-up is the real deal. Bringing a brand ambassador onboard is critical for this to happen.

What Brand Ambassadors Bring to the Table

For a start-up to differentiate itself in the red-hot cryptocurrency market, it needs the right face to represent the product. This is where brand ambassadors come in. One that truly understands the SEO blockchain can:

  • Connect the start-up to relevant communities

In the time leading up to the ICO launch, white papers and prototypes need to be shared with the right communities to gain traction and support.

A start-up needs someone capable of spreading the word about the project online, in community meetups, events, conferences, workshops, and more.

Success is highly dependent on explaining to as many people as possible how a crypto project will make a difference in the industry, and this complex job is best left to an experienced brand ambassador.

  • Seal the deal

You would not see a tech industry expert backing a start-up they do not believe in. Bringing a brand ambassador who is also an esteemed player in the blockchain community acts as a security blanket for cautious investors. This reduces fears of an ICO being a scam, increasing the chances of securing funding.

KEY COIN ASSETS: Uniquely Positioned in the Blockchain

Some start-ups make the mistake of signing on influencers or ambassadors whose main question is, “What is blockchain?” If your brand ambassador has no idea how the blockchain works, you risk catastrophic failure.

Why Key Coin Assets?

  • We have an expert understanding of the blockchain and the complex technological foundation of start-ups and ICOs.
  • We are deeply invested in the crypto industry – allow us to present our 37 ICO investments in 36 countries plus strong links to innovative blockchain companies as proof.
  • We are digital marketing specialists with a combined 15 years’ worth of experience in multi-award winning digital marketing firm, business, and real estate.

With this powerful combination, Key Coin Assets is the only brand ambassador you need on your team. We are ready to answer your questions, so contact us today and let us start generating wealth!