KEY COIN ASSETS: The Digital Partner of Blockchain Companies

The Financial World has entered the Digital Age, and blockchain companies are leading the revolution

Yet without a thorough understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, you can miss out on this amazing opportunity to generate wealth.

At Key Coin Assets, we are deeply committed to helping you understand the growing and dynamic nature of crypto investments. We have a vast portfolio of assets, and we know how to identify good projects from non-starters— and we cannot wait to share that knowledge with you!

Our major services

Key Coin Assets specialises in managing your digital assets, expanding the reach of your brand, representing your brand to the world, and so much more. Let us begin growing your blockchain and achieving your goals!


Together, co-founders Veena Warmann and John Warmann bring more than 15 years of business experience from the fields of digital marketing, real estate, businesses, and cryptocurrency to build the UK’s leading premier Digital Assets Management Firm.
veena warmann

Veena Warmann

Veena has done extensive research into the cryptocurrency market, and she is passionate about sharing this wealth of information to everyone willing to learn. At present, she is educating more than 100 students about cryptocurrencies for FREE.
john warmann

John Warmann

Like his wife, John also believes that knowledge about cryptocurrency should be open source. He is a co-owner of a multi-award winning digital marketing firm, and he specialises in discovering the rare diamonds out the many ICOs out there today.

As the driving force behind Key Coin Assets, Veena and John Warmann have demonstrated a rapidly growing portfolio of more than 37 ICO investments. Their client list spans 36 countries all over the world. This powerhouse team is the only one you need in your journey towards greater wealth!


Rod Hilditch

Compliance Director
As qualified by an indentured apprenticeship with Hawker Siddeley Aviation Industries, gaining know how in no particular order with, Airbus Industries, Centre Nationale Etudes Spatiales, European Space Agency, Utilities Companies, Hoare Govett Security Pacific Merchant Bank, VHF Technologies, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Industries, QinetiQ, BAE Systems FOCAL was born – FOCAL is a proven provider of innovative solutions, optimising transportation systems to exceed the client’s expectation and eliminate waste.
nick marsden

Nick Marsden

30+ years’ experience within the software/IT industry at Raytheon, Shell, Bentley Systems Inc, Hewlett Packard and IBM. A seasoned software professional he can bring a level-headed approach to the development, ensuring all the testing, usability labs and approach are correct and make sure that longevity is built in using agile development. Nick managed a 30-strong team of developers in the US before moving back to the UK. For the past 17 years he has successfully run his own IT Software & Support business. Acting as CTO and consultant for many of his clients and making the IT decisions they don’t want to. Launched several software products and mobile applications which are in use by Trinity Mirror, Liverpool football Club and the RFU to name a few.

Dan Skidmore

Office Manager
I am a versatile and profit driven Senior Manager with a history of working in various management positions, influencing cultural change and improving both profit and performance over the last 20 years. My expertise has been in Operational, Facilities and HR Management, which has been developed, by possessing a real commitment to behaving with integrity, which is now instrumental to my role with Key Coin Assets Limited. I have a proven track record of motivating people to change behaviour and to achieve exceptional results, I am an inspirational leader with excellent communication skills who is both firm and fair. These attributes assist me now, in my role with Key Coin Assets Limited, which will enable me to deliver a progressive service to individuals and organisations and demonstrate a genuine passion in contributing to future performance levels.
nice abundo

Nice Abundo

Researcher and Social Media Profiler
Nice was proficient in sales and customer service before joining Keycoin Assets and was subsequently introduced to Digital Marketing and SEO as her job needed her to do so. Nice has ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies, where she has gained a thorough understanding of token behavior, from current trends to legitimacy, through extensive research. Nice envisions herself to thrive in this chosen field and contribute to the company’s growth.

Our Partners

At Key Coin Assets, we are proud to have partnered with hand-picked blockchain technology companies to provide vital services to the cryptocurrency space. With their help, we are able to offer the latest, most innovative, and most secure services in the industry today.

Here are some of the companies we are currently working with


RSK adds functionality and value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem through near-instant payments, enabling smart-contracts, and higher-scalability.


Offers a simple and secure platform for trading, storing, issuing, and managing your digital assets


Offers the world’s very first instant loans backed by cryptocurrency
These companies have much to offer your investment journey, so we encourage you to learn from them by looking up their offerings and social media pages.

Succeed in the Blockchain Space with Key Coin Assets

Our work speaks for itself— with more than 37 ICO investments in 36 countries, partnerships with leading blockchain technology providers, and testimonials, Key Coin Assets is your only choice for unparalleled digital asset management.

For any inquiry, please use the contact form on our Contact page to get in touch with Key Coin Assets today.

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