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Characteristics of a Successful Brand Ambassador for Blockchain Companies

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Choosing the right people to represent your brand is critical for your business. A brand ambassador for blockchain companies is a significant investment and crucial factor in any business’s marketing campaign. These people are your brand assets. This is why it is important to implement a thorough selection process in hiring your brand ambassador. The Core Traits of a Blockchain Ambassador In a world where blockchain and cryptocurrency companies are becoming more prominent, getting the right representative is crucial. Here are the top characteristics you should be looking for in your brand’s representative: Knowledge and Appreciation for Marketing Your quest to promote the blockchain industry will not be easy. Some people still have to know the basics of digital assets and blockchain market. With the right company to represent you, your business’ purpose will be communicated effectively to your target audience. Excellent Communication Skills In any negotiation, you need a good communicator. You need someone who can effectively communicate the benefits of blockchain and similar technologies to users. Your brand ambassador must be able to deliver the potential applications of blockchain technology beyond the digital currency. Business Experience Veteran marketers take pride in their extensive years and experience in handling…

Blockchain Technology Companies are Gearing Up for these 4 Bitcoin Trends

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency that launched the blockchain and blockchain technology companies into the mainstream. While many more cryptocurrencies have emerged since then, Bitcoin remains one of the most influential elements in the market, and these four trends are worth watching out for anyone interested in the industry. 4 Major Bitcoin Trends to Watch Out For Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are not a futuristic concept anymore. They are now a game-reality, with many new developments including: Bitcoin-compatible ATMs Expect more and more people to use Bitcoin in daily life with the rise of Bitcoin ATMs in many countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. These machines make it easier to buy Bitcoin using debit cards after passing a strict approval process. Since Bitcoin ATMs offer an easier and more convenient way to deal with cryptocurrency, experts predict greater engagement with cryptocurrency from the general public. Increased involvement from central banks Central banks are increasingly supporting bitcoin which further legitimises the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. This is mainly because blockchain technology is what we call a “trust-minimised solution.” This means that its integrity and transactions are not based on trust between parties alone; all financial transactions…

The Potential Applications of the Blockchain Market Beyond Cryptocurrency

blockchain application

The blockchain market is an ever-growing ingenious development of the 21st century. Since then, it has evolved into something far greater and more complex than digital currency. By allowing the safe and secure storage and distribution of digital assets and information, blockchain technology has created the backbone of the digital era. Understanding the Blockchain Market A blockchain is an incorruptible digital record of economic transactions. It acts as a digital, decentralised ledger that keeps a record of network data known as “blocks.” The blockchain technology can be programmed not only for financial transactions but for everything of value. It allows market participants to transfer assets across the internet without the need for a centralised party. The blockchain market is considered as the next-generation business process improvement software. It promises the ability to improve business transactions between companies, radically reducing the “cost of trust.” How Blockchain Works A blockchain keeps a record of transactions which generate a hash — a string of numbers and letters. These transactions are inspected, verified, and entered in a specific order. Every transaction that is approved by a majority of nodes (a device on a blockchain network) is written into a block. Each block pertains to…

The Significance and Impact of a Brand Ambassador for Blockchain Companies


Brand ambassadors for blockchain companies are responsible for bringing the blockchain industry to a steady rise to the top. They gather connections that help ensure exposure for their respective companies and seal in more opportunities for blockchain to prosper. They are also responsible for spreading more insights for blockchain, which is instrumental for the rise of cryptocurrency (particularly bitcoin). All in all, being a brand ambassador for a company that specialises in blockchain technology can take a lot of work. Upholding the role can be challenging and demanding, but its impact can be very rewarding! What is Blockchain? Before we discuss why the role is crucial, it is best to answer the question: “What is blockchain?” Essentially, blockchain is a system that records public transactions made with bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency and connects them to a series of “nodes” for the transactions to be made. This is also essential in the bitcoin mining process, which is responsible for the creation and distribution of the cryptocurrency. SEO and Blockchain Working in blockchain entails networking with various sectors, especially with bitcoin miners. What many people do not know is that search engine optimisation, otherwise known as ‘SEO’, and blockchain, go…

Blockchain Technology Companies are Your Best Bet for Investments


Cryptocurrency was considered the tech era’s gold rush. Early investors raked in wildly phenomenal profits in cryptocurrency, but as time went by, the breakneck pace slowed down. Many of those who were fascinated by cryptocurrency started looking for other long-term venues to invest their money, and blockchain technology companies provided the answer. Blockchain vs Bitcoin: What’s the Difference? Cryptocurrencies are simply digital currencies. Used as a global means of payment, these operate outside of a central bank and are verified through the blockchain. On the other hand, the blockchain is the technology that underlies digital currencies. The list of transactions is called “blocks,” and cryptography is used to link these blocks. It is public, distributed, and decentralised across many computers. As such, a blockchain is considered of high integrity and cannot be changed by any single entity. In a nutshell, the blockchain is much bigger than cryptocurrency. In fact, it is being used increasingly beyond powering digital currencies. The blockchain is now used in diverse applications such as keeping track of legal documents, digital asset management, streamlining cloud storage, and more. As such, experts foresee the blockchain to be around for a long time despite the current volatility of cryptocurrency.…

Make Your Mark on the Blockchain Market with the Right Marketing Partner


The blockchain market is growing at a tremendous pace. No longer limited to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, several industries are seeing blockchain as a reliable avenue for making a profit and improving global processes. However, in a world that is still catching on to blockchain technology, creating a blockchain company can be risky. Calculated risks can quickly get out of your hands if you do not know the nitty gritty of the whole process. That is why you need someone capable of making your startup a major player in this fast-evolving blockchain industry. Partner with the Right Company To start on the right foot, it is vital to partner with a digital assets marketing agency that knows how to market blockchain technology companies effectively. Here are some advantages to choosing the right partner agency: Establish Partnership with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Not everyone has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry. Hiring people who are knowledgeable in the blockchain space from the get-go eliminates barriers. In addition, they can customise a plan tailored to your company’s mission and goals. Focus on Operational Growth Allowing the experts to handle the promotion of your blockchain company gives you more time to focus on understanding the…

The Role of a Brand Ambassador for Blockchain Companies in ICOs

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As blockchain technology continues to soar, ICOs have surfaced as an alternative and attractive means for crypto start-ups to raise funding. However, certain developments in the industry now require start-ups to be more creative in attracting investors and connecting with the community. Without a brand ambassador for blockchain companies, start-ups with a great potential run the risk of fading to obscurity. The Issue with ICOs The year 2017 alone saw ICOs raise more than $5 billion in funding, but thanks to increased interest from regulatory bodies and high-profile ICO scams, potential investors have now become wary of ICOs. It is not enough anymore to create tokens, write and publish a white paper, showcase a prototype, and wait for the funding to pour in. Facebook and Google have also banned crypto-related advertising from their platforms. So what is the next step? The goal is to regain the trust of investors and assure them that a start-up is the real deal. Bringing a brand ambassador onboard is critical for this to happen. What Brand Ambassadors Bring to the Table For a start-up to differentiate itself in the red-hot cryptocurrency market, it needs the right face to represent the product. This is where…

Blockchain Technology Companies and Digital Asset Management: Forward to the Future

Block Chain Stock Market

The past year has seen blockchain technology companies take on a more significant position than ever before. Many industries have seen it bloom, regarding it as an important currency in a growing wave of deregulation. Consequently, the blockchain market is expected to grow by over $60 billion come the year 2024.  Even established companies like IBM have gotten in on the action, partnering with MetLife for a blockchain insurance setup.  In addition, the Global 2000 lists that its ten biggest companies are exploring block chains, and at least 50 of the top overall companies have dipped their toes into the technology. The Potential for Digital Asset Management in Blockchain Amidst these developments, there is one arena that blockchain technology can tap: digital asset management. A profitable industry itself, digital asset management has proved effective for several online companies, and many Silicon Valley startups have evolved into multi-million companies because of it. Digital asset management is the concept wherein asset processes are compiled and converted into plans of action. Through digital asset management, the following are achieved: Easy storage and creation of digital management assets Easy distribution of assets through various channels Management of license agreements binding digital assets Expediting of…

Digital Asset Management and the Blockchain: The Future is Here

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Digital assets – from media files like videos, photos, and music, to sensitive information like personal account information and financial transactions – are now the most treasured resource of any organisation. Digital asset management is a sophisticated system that organises, stores, finds, transfers, and shares all of this data securely and efficiently between parties. The tremendous evolution of digital asset management created a critical question: How can we make digital asset management faster, more secure, and more accessible? The problem here is that managing digital assets can be a broken and complicated process, especially for large companies. Key Coin Assets presents the most viable solution – the digital asset blockchain. Best known for underpinning cryptocurrencies, the blockchain structure is transparent, incorruptible, and immune to censorship. These make it uniquely suited to digital asset management. Imagine all your digital assets protected by the highest standard of security. No external source can tamper with it, but it is easily accessible at the same time. Need to share ownership rights between content creators and other parties? It can be done in a matter of seconds through smart contracts. And that is only the beginning. HARNESS THE POWER OF THE BLOCKCHAIN WITH KEY COIN…

Poor Digital Marketing Chain: Why do some ICO companies fail miserably?

  ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is all the rage nowadays. When a startup firm wants to raise money through an ICO, it usually publishes a whitepaper that outlines what the Initial Coin offering project is all about. What the venture will fulfill upon completion, how much cryptocoins is needed to undertake the project, how much of the virtual currency the pioneers of the ICO will keep for themselves, what type of virtual currency is accepted, and how long the ICO campaign will run for. During the ICO campaign, supporters of the firm’s venture buy some of the dispersed cryptocoins with fiat or virtual currency. These cryptocoins are referred to as tokens and are similar to the shares of a company sold to investors in an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In cases when the money raised does not meet the minimum funding needed by the firm, the money is refunded to the backers and the ICO is deemed a failure. If the funding requirements are met within the specified schedule, the money raised is used to complete it. ICO investors are usually driven to buy the cryptocoins in the anticipation that the plan becomes successful which could translate to a higher…