Cryptocurrency was considered the tech era’s gold rush. Early investors raked in wildly phenomenal profits in cryptocurrency, but as time went by, the breakneck pace slowed down. Many of those who were fascinated by cryptocurrency started looking for other long-term venues to invest their money, and blockchain technology companies provided the answer.

Blockchain vs Bitcoin: What’s the Difference?

Cryptocurrencies are simply digital currencies. Used as a global means of payment, these operate outside of a central bank and are verified through the blockchain.

On the other hand, the blockchain is the technology that underlies digital currencies. The list of transactions is called “blocks,” and cryptography is used to link these blocks. It is public, distributed, and decentralised across many computers. As such, a blockchain is considered of high integrity and cannot be changed by any single entity.

In a nutshell, the blockchain is much bigger than cryptocurrency. In fact, it is being used increasingly beyond powering digital currencies. The blockchain is now used in diverse applications such as keeping track of legal documents, digital asset management, streamlining cloud storage, and more.

As such, experts foresee the blockchain to be around for a long time despite the current volatility of cryptocurrency. In terms of investment, this makes investing in the blockchain a wise move.

The Future Looks Bright for the Blockchain

Today’s blockchain news agree on one thing: that the future of the blockchain looks promising. Present estimates still vary greatly, but the consensus is that growth is assured especially when the required tech infrastructure is in place.

Here is some data:

  • Market and Markets Research suggests that by 2021, the blockchain market will be worth as much as $23.3 billion./li>
  • Another firm called Grand View Research is projecting market growth to reach $7.74 billion in a few short years or as early as 2024.
  • Meticulous Research, on the other hand, estimates that by 2025, the blockchain market will reach a whopping $28 billion.
  • Hackernoon reports that in the past few years alone, more than 200 banks around the world have started deploying blockchain technology.
  • Juniper Research states that by 2030, blockchain technology will have saved up to $27 billion for banks. This gives more incentive to government, banks, and businesses to adopt the blockchain.

It is clear that the blockchain is here for good, and now is the best time to invest in it.

Ways to Invest in the Blockchain

Beginners in the blockchain industry have endless investment options. Here are some of the most common ways:

  • Invest in blockchain technology stocks
  • Invest in cryptocurrency
  • Invest in blockchain companies and start-ups

All of these offer an excellent road to profit, but here’s a catch — just like any investment, lack of education and understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market can cause your investment to crash.

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