What if you could make a 40% ROI in just 12 months without having to work for it? Any bank would tell you that’s impossible. In fact, you’re lucky if they offer you anything more than a 2% ROI. No financial institution or wealth manager will provide you with such a massive ROI because they’ll go bankrupt. As digital management solution experts, Key Coin Assets is not constrained by such limits.

We will help you get a 40% return on your investment in 12 months, guaranteed. You don’t have to pay any fee of any description. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all! Do the things you love, spend time with the people that matter, and shed the stress of trying to grow your savings with the mediocre returns offered by your bank. Walk on the path to greater wealth with Key Coin Assets!

No Other Entity on Earth Offers a 40% ROI in 12 Months

No other entity on earth can – or will – offer the kind of returns you will get when you invest with Key Coin Assets. Here’s a quick look at some harsh investment data:

  • Today, the UK interest rate is at 0.1% — the lowest in 325 years. If you get extra lucky, you can get 1.7% maximum ROI every year.
  • The S&P has registered a 9% return in the last 90 years. That’s almost a century of just 1% ROI every 10 years.
  • Want to dabble in real estate? You’d be extremely lucky if you get even a 10% ROI on your real estate investment project given today’s real estate climate.
  • Gold has always been a reliable investment, but it never hit sensational numbers. On average, you get 11% ROI every year.

Our offer outperforms all of them. To get that 40% ROI, you need to invest for 325 years in the UK stock market with its current 0.1% ROI. 400 years with the S&P. 4 years with gold. And unheard of in real estate, which also saddles you with the burden of speaking to agents, renovation the home, staging viewings, negotiating with countless buyers, and more.

Here’s the difference between investing with us and settling for those conventional investment options: Key Coin Assets invests in a market with unlimited profit potential— cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain have taken the world by storm. It offered an unprecedented level of transparency, security, and possibilities that no other technology has done before. Everyone from governments, mega corporations, financial experts, and ordinary individuals are scrambling to harness this ground-breaking innovation and profit from it. Key Coin Assets is at the forefront of this revolution, and we can help you generate immense wealth in this market.

Get a 40% ROI in 12 Months: How it Works

Here are some top FAQs regarding our 40% ROI program:

  • How much do I need to get started?

Invest at least £35,000 over 12 months to qualify for the 40% ROI program. At the end of the 12-month term, we will return that £35,000, plus another £14,000 which equals 40% of your initial investment.

  • Can I invest less than that amount?

Yes. The minimum investment is £10,000 for a 10% return over 12 months. However, we only offer the 40% ROI set-up for a minimum investment of £35,000.

  • What fees do I need to pay under the 40% program?

Absolutely nothing. Unlike traditional hedge funds that will grab 2% of your investment upfront plus 20% of whatever your investment earns, Key Coin Assets will not charge you any fee of any description. Below is what you don’t have to pay:

• No sign-up fee
• No performance fee
• No withdrawal fee
• No deposit fee
• No commission fee

  • Do I have to pay fees if I want to reinvest?

No. You can reinvest anytime without paying fees of any description.

  • What if you fail to generate 40% ROI for my investment?

If we fail to hit our KPIs, then we will give you a FULL REFUND of your investment. We’re that confident in our battle-tested investment strategies and tools.

  • What skill or qualification do I need to start investing?

Nothing at all. Our investment program works for everyone, from total newbies to veteran investors. We don’t care about your wealth, income, or expertise. As long as you want to make more money than any entity on earth can offer, Key Coin Assets is ready to make it happen.

Get Started on Earning 40% ROI on Your Investment Today

Our 40% ROI program is an excellent choice any time, but specially now when most of us are sat at home without a guaranteed income. Instead of waiting around and continuing to burn money, why not grow what you already have?

That’s our ultimate goal here at Key Coin Assets – to help people like you achieve greater wealth and jumpstart your journey to the kind of life you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us NOW at 843-886-9547 to start investing in yourself!